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Serving Branch Managers, Loan Officers & Contract Processors throughout Michigan & Florida.| Phone: (248)-763-0270


“SMC has been around for decades and I can see why. They truly invest in their employees and loan originators. They are constantly finding new and improved ways to make the overall loan originating process more efficient for applicants and staff. Additionally, any questions I have about policy or procedures are always welcomed. I feel like I have a voice in the company and how its day-to-day operations are run. ”
B. Hsu
“Most brokers promise fast turnaround times regarding closing and best competitive rates. But, often they are just that promises to get you in the door. This is not the case with Security Mortgage Corporation—they actually deliver. Moreover, the support staff makes sure things run as smoothly as possible. I honestly can’t see any reason to go anywhere else. I love working for Security mortgage and I feel like I am a part of a close-knit company.”
K. Thompson
“Security Mortgage is a friendly place to work and the people are committed to providing top-notch services to applicants. I work remotely and I never have any issues with applicants who stop by the main office. I also like the fact that there are quite few contract processors to choose from, if you choose not to processor your own loans.”
K. Donavan
“As far as mortgage companies go SMC is a solid company with an extensive lender portfolio. Well run from a corporate standpoint. The Management team is there for you day or night. And, it is also a great company that allows you to be as self-sufficient as you want to be!”
T. Woods
“I have my own office, but the corporate headquarters has a very professional atmosphere. Once hired, the day to day function of operations, where clearly explained to me and I never felt like I had to just figure things out. There was always someone there who was willing to take the time to assist me – you often don’t see this anymore, especially with the larger companies.”
M. Ghoneim
“SMC was a good company to work for. I learned a lot here regarding mortgages and home financing.”
B. Montgomery
“Security Mortgage is an ideal company for anyone trying to get their foot into the door in the Mortgage industry. I was able to gain in-depth knowledge and able to work independently. Overall, good company culture with an owner that cares about his employees as people and not just a number.”
F. Baldwin
“Fast paced environment, learned the ins and outs of the mortgage industry. Collaborative culture for the most part. Working at SMC was a great experience. Management from the CEO to branch managers made working there fun and family like. ”
J. Patel
“The LOs I worked with were absolutely amazing and the compliance officer was always on top of everything. SMC was probably one of the better companies that I have processed for hands down.”
K. Johnson