Frequently Asked Questions:

A: If you have any trouble  installing point on your computer please contact them directly at 1800-342-2599 X2400. Our account # 3052903DB. If you need me to re-send you the link, please let me know. Also, make sure you are using  windows explorer when trying to download point.

You can also call ABT, if you are having issues with saving files, etc. at help@myabt.net, or give our helpdesk a call. They can be reached at 888-422-3400 option 1

A: If you would like to sign up for your own Calyx seat instead of using one of our contract processors, then we send you an invoice for the first 3 months via PayPal. Upon receipt of payment, you receive a link to download Calyx Point to your computer along with a separate email with your login and password. You will be billed on a recurring basis for  Calyx after the first 3 months.
If you are interested in having an SMC email address and account, then we send you an email hosting invoice ($40. /per year) via PayPal. Upon receipt of payment, you will receive an email with your login info and setup tips.

To proceed with either obtaining an SMC email account or a Calyx Point seat or both, please contact Sara directly via email.

A: Howard handles the expense accounts; please contact him first before reaching out to Eboni.
A: Please take a look our current lenders list to see if any of the current lenders that we are signed up with have programs similar to what new lender is offering. If you cannot find a current lender with a similar program, then please reach out to Howard to see if we can move forward with a new lender. Note: it takes up to 72 hours from the time of request, for a lender/broker package to be completed and then it may take another 48 hours from submission for approval, please take that into consideration.
A: Eboni will notify you via email once your check is ready for pickup. The main building closes at 7pm, thus if you would like your check taped to the door for easy pickup, please make arrangement to get here before 7pm. Our hours of operation Monday through Thursday are 9am -5pm and 9am – 1pm on Fridays.
A:  Please send an email request to Sara. Note: Some lenders you can contact directly for login information and some you cannot. Thus, please reach out to Sara via email and she will assist you.

If you need a password changed – Calyx, Email or Lender….again reach out to Sara and she will assist you.

A:  If you are processing your own loans and have processing questions please refer to the orientation material and/or reach out to one of our contract processors for assist. The corporate office staff is here to assist you, but is not at liberty to provide processing training.
A: Yes, an applicant can drop off complete documents. This means that they are dropping off a package with all information already copied. We are not at liberty to make copies for applicants, please inform them that they need to copy any documents before dropping them off. We will scan the documents to you if there are only a few documents. Otherwise, please have your applicant send everything to you directly.
A: Security Mortgage does not currently offer Direct Deposit. Our payroll company (Paychex), processes our payroll every 2 weeks but because we offer same Day / Next day pay to our Loan Officers, payroll checks are issued in house manually which is the reason that we do not currently offer Direct Deposit .

Many of our Loan officers use Remote Deposit which is the process of uploading a picture of your check into your banks mobile app and the funds are then deposited into your account. Although many of the larger banking institutions do have this service there are some that do not. Please check with your banking institute if you are interested in the remote deposit option.

**Expense checks cannot use the remote deposit option.

A: Once your payroll check has been issued you can opt to have it 1.) mailed to you via regular US Mail 2.) A copy of the check emailed to you for remote deposit  3.) Pick up from our Michigan  office or 4.) supply a UPS Shipping label so that the check may be shipped to you overnight at your expense.
A:  You can access your Pay stubs and W2’s by visiting https://myapps.paychex.com . Once you sign up for an account, you will be able to view your entire payroll history as well as your income documents. You will also be able to update/correct your contact information.
A: Payroll is issued within 48-72 hours after closing once ALL 3 of the following items have been completed:

  1. Commission check is received in our office
  2. ALL Processing docs, Disclosures and Closing docs have been uploaded & indexed into Calyx
  3. Your completed Closing Funding sheet has been received

***There is a $75 Rush Fee for payroll checks that need to be issued within 24 hours. ALL 3 Compliance items listed above must be completed on rush files as well.